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CFL Celebrates Five Amazing Years!

“As we celebrate five remarkable years at Ship CFL, I am filled with immense gratitude for our incredible, talented, and hard-working teams across the world, from Miami to Asia to Europe and the Caribbean.
Your dedication and passion are the driving force behind our success. To our clients who have placed their trust in us from day one, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support and belief in our vision have been instrumental in our journey. We truly love what we do, and we cherish the relationships we’ve built with each of you. As we reflect on our achievements, we are excited for the bigger things that lie ahead. Here’s to celebrating our past and embracing our amazing future – THANK YOU!”- David Ross, Founder of CFL.

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Cargo Protection Made Easy

CFL recently issued the following Advisory to our Clients regarding the automatic application of Cargo Insurance protection beginning in time for the Peak Season.

As valued Customer we would like to inform you that effective immediately, CFL will automatically apply cargo insurance protection of US$10,000 for Dry Containers at a Premium of US$50.00 per Container and US$15,000 of protection for Reefer Containers at a Premium of US$70.00 per Container.

Please note you have the option to decline the Insurance coverage but with the current supply chain logistics conditions, we strongly recommend you take advantage of this Value Added Service for your Cargo especially during the Peak Season. 

If you wish to decline, you can submit the Waiver Form so the Insurance cost & protection is not applied to your shipments.

You also have the ability to purchase additional Insurance coverage should the value of your Dry or Reefer shipment exceed the above values.

Feel free to reach out to your local CFL representative if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support!


CFL Management


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The Peak Shipping Season Is On!

October traditionally begins the Peak Season for shipping cargo.

In a message to the Trade, CFL’s CEO, David Ross encouraged Clients to get ahead of the Peak by shipping cargo now.

“Nothing is usual this year and our efforts to alert Clients and encourage them to ship NOW is in full swing already.  Space, Equipment, Trucking, Rail, Ports are all challenging to say the least. The earlier the shipping process starts the better” said Ross.

With transit times being stretched by the various headwinds facing Shippers, it’s important to note that we are less than 90 days from Christmas Day and typically Clients want products on the shelf ready for sale at least by mid-November or before so you can see time is of the essence.”

CFL has been meeting and working with the Carriers, Truckers and Terminal Operators in order to streamline the flow of Containers, Delivery and extra hours if necessary to allow the movement of cargo to go forward uninterrupted.  CFL has 48 Agents and Offices Globally and offers service from North America, Asia, Europe, Central / South America and the Caribbean.

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South Florida Drayage Increase

Please note CFL Agencies USA wishes to advise of an increase in the South Florida Local Drayage effective September 26, 2021. Please see below details:


NEW RATE: $480


Please feel free to reach out to your local CFL representative should you have any questions. Thank you for the continued support.

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Peak Season Surcharge

US and Canada Exports Effective September 27, 2021 to January 9, 2022.

CFL is announcing the following Peak Season Surcharges to the listed tariff.

This charge will go into effect September 27, 2021 through January 9, 2022 and will apply to tariff or service contract rates in all equipment types.

From: All export shipments from the United States and Canada To: All Ports

20’ Dry: $200

40’ Dry: $400

45’ Dry: $450

20’ Reefer: $250

40’ Reefer: $500

Please feel free to contact your local CFL representative if you have any questions.
Visit www.shipcfl.com for latest news and thank you as always for the continued support.

CFL Management

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Cost Recovery Increases for all U.S. and Canada Exports

Dear Valued Clients,

Please be advised that based on the numerous recently announced Ocean Freight Rate and Bunker Fuel Recovery Surcharges by the Carriers, CFL Agencies USA wishes to advise the following Increases effective April 4th, 2021 on all export shipments from the United States and Canada.

Origin: U.S. and Canada Ports. Destination: Worldwide Ports.

Rate Recovery Amount: U.S. $100.00 per TEU.

Bunker Recovery Surcharge: U.S. $105.00 per TEU.

Effective Date: April 4, 2021.

Please feel free to contact your local CFL Representative if you have any questions. Visit www.ShipCFL.com for latest news and Worldwide Service updates.
Thank you as always for the continued support.

CFL Management

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New Zealand Shipping Company

CFL Continues Expansion of Global Network

With the addition of Australia and New Zealand, CFL’s Network has grown to over 48 Markets around the world. CFL’s rapid expansion is in response to growing need from Clients for additional services globally. Throughout 2020, the Logistics Service Provider (LSP) has continued adding markets to its offerings as traditional trade patterns have shifted due to supply chain challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Blank sailings, lack of Containers and Vessel space as well as increasing rates are all issues impacting various trade lanes. During this year, the Company added six South American Countries in addition to expanding its European services. “Clients have been looking at alternative markets to source goods and this has led to our connecting various new trade lanes that may not have happened under normal circumstances” said David Ross, CEO of CFL. Further expansion of the Network with additional Markets will continue through 2021 and beyond.

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SAJ welcomes new member CFL Shipping Jamaica

Consolidated Freight Line (CFL) Shipping Agencies Limited and CFL Shipping Montego Bay Limited have been welcomed as the newest members of the Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ).

CFL Holdings Inc’s Director of Jamaican Operations William Brown heads a team of shipping industry professionals led by Stacia Nosworthy Cunningham, general manager, operating from the Kingston office, and Michelle Hutchinson, sales and marketing manager, heading the Montego Bay office.

The Kingston office is located at the SAJ building in Newport West, while the CFL Montego Bay office is located at the Freeport Shopping Centre.

CFL is a full container load, project and RO/RO cargo neutral logistics service provider headquartered in Miami, Florida, operating regionally and globally. CFL offers full logistics and project cargo expertise through its global contracts with liners and specialized carriers.

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CFL continues Network expansion during the Covid19 Pandemic

CFL Agencies USA CEO, David Ross announced a major expansion to the Logistics Company’s network.

“While we have all faced adjustments and headwinds in this Covid19 pandemic, it did not slow down our planned 2020 expansion set out in our Vision 2020 Conference held at our Miramar FL Head office in February. In fact, it showed us that it was even more important to spread our reach and connect more dots in the Logistics chain to satisfy our Clients” said Ross.

During the last few months, the Company announced services connecting North America, Asia, China, Europe, and Brasil with the following new Markets:

Antigua, Belize, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Saint Croix, Saint John, Saint Kitts, Saint Thomas, Saint Vincent, Tortola, Turks & Caicos.

This brings the current network of Offices and Agents to 33 overall.

“The Company is growing at a quick pace due to the strong loyalty from our Clients and supporters and we are very grateful for the trust they place in us to be their Logistics provider and partner especially at this time when the supply chains are stretched and challenged” Continued Ross.

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CFL Launches South America Express Shipping Service

With the appointment of Agents in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, and Uruguay, CFL announced the launch of its CFL South American Express Service.

The Service is focused on both Exports and Imports between these South American Countries and the other Markets in the CFL Network – North America, Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

The Service supports Dry and Refrigerated Full Container Loads (FCL) as well as Project & RO/RO Cargo solutions utilizing many Carriers to obtain competitive Rates and frequent Sailings.

“The strong trading ties that are developed amongst these Countries and the desire to find new source markets in South America particularly by the Caribbean Countries has led to a wave of activity that our Clients have asked us to assist with,” said David Ross CFL’s CEO.

Gino Valencia the CFL Director of Business Development continued by pointing out the noticeable shift by many Caribbean and Central American Clients buying products from South America, including Foodstuff’s, Furniture, Building Materials, Tiles, etc.

“The folks we have partnered with in these Countries are top tier Operators with close ties to their respective local Markets,” said Valencia.

Additional information on the CFL South American Express Service and Contact information for the CFL Agents Globally, including South America, can be obtained by contacting CFL at Solutions@ShipCFL.com

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